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30. April 2014 at 16:34

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„This album provides a lot of songs that aren’t too simple or too intricate. They are just right, because it is pulled off very well. Statues Fall has very good pacing as well. There is variation in the speed of each song. “Fate” is a prime example of a heavier song. There are also tracks that have a ballad sound to them. “Wasting Time” and “Flames” show the calmer side to EDGEDOWN.

Also, “Live Together, or Die Alone” is a great track. Serenity front man Georg Neuhauser lends his chops as a guest vocalist. He has a smooth tone that contrasts the rough delivery of Meixner. It is a brilliant collaboration.

The best thing about this album and this band is that they sound like traditional heavy metal like their influences. However, they have a modern sound as well. The mix creates fresh energy. They are definitely a band to look out for and they are certainly a recommended listen.“…continue reading…

8 / 10

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