Review at „The Metal Observer“

10. April 2014 at 07:40
The Metal Observer

The Metal Observer


Review at „The Metal Observer“(Canada)

„…And when I say power metal, I do not mean modern, slickly produced and bombastic, but a bit on the heavier side, with a heavy 80s influence and charm, something that some of the younger bands miss these days. Now this is not to say that Edgedown are old veterans, no, they are just in their 20s, but the foundation of their sound might almost be older than them actually… And the edginess of their songs also goes into vocalist Andreas Meixner’s voice, which is melodic, but has this light edge to it that lends itself to gel greatly with the guitar work….

…What endears Edgedown to me is the fact that while sounding very traditional, they still manage to have this fresh energy electrifying the listener, and also that they know when to speed things up or slow them down to give the songs flow and dynamics. Statues Fall is an excellent debut that shows plenty of promise and could lead this band to become a force to be reckoned with!“…continue reading…


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